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India’s First AI Powered ERP For Schools

2023 Oct

Launch Idcard Division - Ivyprints

2022 Apr

NEP Report Card.

2022 Jan

GPS Integration.

2021 Apr

Launched Robotics and Coding Courses for Students.

2021 Jan

Integrated Whatsapp, Voice and Alexa Features.

2020 Apr

Launched Learning Management System for Schools.

2019 Aug

Schoollog completes 4 years
of journey, with team size
increasing from 2 to 50.

2019 Jun

To improve learning outcomes of every student, Schoollog 3.0 initiated.

2019 Apr

With schoollog guaranteed service and dedicated people working to provide the best user experience, our number of schools crossed 400.

2019 Jan

To enhance students’ security at schools, Schoollog launched Visitor management sentinel.

2018 Aug

With market inputs and scalability in sight and valuable feedbacks from existing clients, Schoollog Android & IOS apps version 2.0 were launched.

2018 Mar

Launched a website program to facilitate schools with dynamic and responsive websites with the website management console.

2017 Dec

Exploration of the market with operations starting in 3 more cities and with the launch of Schoollog 1.0 the mark of schools reached 50.

2017 Aug

AI Powered Enquiry Module Lanched to help schools increase admission in upcomeing academic session.

2017 May

Biometric Integration launched to enhance the safety of child in school.

2017 Jan

With the launch of modules such as Library, Hr, Schoollog takes a step forward in automating school processes.

2016 Oct

With the vision to help schools with the way they manage finances, accounts module launched.

2016 Jun

After graduating from Engineering and achieving the gratifying results of 70% active usage of parents app from earlyvangelists, operations started in Gurugram

2016 Mar

Android and IOS apps were

2016 Jan

Launched the prototype focusing on bridging the gar between Parent-teacher. Tied up with earlyvangelist 2 Schools from Ropar. First successful test run of Schoollog in schools.

2015 Dec

Abhishek joined forces with Schoollog to pace up the expansion.

2015 Aug

Keeping the ultimate goal of enhancing the learning outcome of students in mind, the journey of Schoollog began.

2015 Jul

While identifying the user needs, the team came across the barriers affecting student learning such as lack of communication between school and parents, no availability of management tools for school processes, no easy access to student information, etc.

2015 Jun

While helping schools with an NGO called Enactus, Two friends from IIT Ropar Mohit Jasapara and Manoj Kumar witnessed the issues faced by schools. And that's how the idea of Schoollog was surfaced in room no. 315 of IIT Ropar hostel.

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