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Why Choose Schoollog as Your School ERP Software?

Spending a lot on marketing? Why not make a smart move by branding your school with its School ERP application? Get your school's personalized smart, interactive, and easy-to-use parents application listed on Playstore and App store with your school’s logo and see the happy parents do the rest of the marketing for you."


Easy set-up and use

"With no hardware installation required, you can use Schoollog, the Best School ERP Software, from any corner of the earth with just an internet-connected device. Its intuitive School Management System allows you to learn the operations on your own. On top of it, our self-help product videos familiarize you with all the features in detail. Anyone with fundamental knowledge of computers will be easily able to use Schoollog, the top-rated School Management ERP."


HTTPS/SSH Secure Platform

"All school information and data in our School ERP system are kept encrypted on highly secured Amazon web servers, safeguarding against any malicious use. Utilizing cloud storage, our School Management Software allows you to access the data from anywhere at any time using any internet-connected device."


Extensive customer-friendly support

"When you onboard Schoollog, the leading School Management ERP, you not only receive assistance with data updates and initial training, but also access the best support experience. Our dedicated team, available 24/7, ensures prompt resolution of issues. Plus, rest assured that you won't be dealing with bots – our team consists of real people who will assist you throughout the process."


​Web portal and mobile applications

"With Schoollog, the Best School Management Software, you get personalized school mobile apps and web portals with logins for Parents, Teachers, Management, and all other stakeholders of a school. This ensures real-time information and alerts, enhancing communication and efficiency."


Admission CRM

Dealing with admission inquiries can be quite a challenge, but with Schoollog's robust School ERP software, managing data becomes effortless. With just one click, you can access and organize information from anywhere, at any time. Our system allows you to input inquiries, schedule follow-ups, and securely store all necessary information in one centralized location, ensuring efficiency and convenience for schools. Utilizing the best School ERP software, our system streamlines school management processes, making it the ideal ERP for schools and a top choice for School Management ERP solutions.


Whatsapp Integration

Not receiving a response to your SMS? Are you worried about your message not fulfilling its purpose? Why not try WhatsApp? The platform has become a Business Channel for Communication. With Schoollog's WhatsApp integration, you can easily fill in the communication gap. Share any information with the parents professionally, make it visible, and get your message through. Utilize the Best School ERP Software to enhance communication and streamline messaging processes.


National Education Policy

The education system is undergoing changes, with new policies necessitating schools to develop report cards that offer a holistic assessment of students' strengths and weaknesses. Don't let this stress you out. Leave your worries behind and let Schoollog take charge. With our School Management System, we can furnish you with comprehensive report cards, helping enhance your system and students' careers. Trust the Best School ERP Software for seamless implementation of educational policies.


Alexa Integration

Finding it hard to search for a student and obtain his/her details? Ask Alexa to do it for you. Schoollog's new integration with Alexa will ease your work and make the process all the more easier and faster. You no longer have to type in details and work on your screen 24*7. Alexa has got you all covered. Just ask, sit back, and relax! With School Management System integration, streamline student information retrieval with ease.

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