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What Is Schoollog?

Schoollog is a web and app-based management solution for schools which put a school on autopilot mode and focuses on Parent-Teacher communication through its app, resulting in enhanced performance of the student as well as school.

How can I manage my school using Schoollog?

All the school management chores can be done using 50+ different portals of Schoollog, such as Admin panel for administrative tasks, Accounts panel for handling fee transactions, Exam panel for exam management, reception panel for managing admissions, etc.

What does our school need to prepare when we implement Schoollog and how much time it takes?

All you need to do is provide us your staff and student data in excel and our team get your account ready in less than a day.

Do You Provide Training?

We certainly do. All new customers receive training as part of their initial setup. This can be fulfilled on campus or remotely. In addition, custom training is available as needed. Finally, periodic online training sessions are provided at no additional cost to our customers.

How much will Schoollog cost me?

We have plans that fit all kind of schools, to know the best plan for your school gets in touch with our sales executive at +91-7015179549.

How can I get my Schoollog app username/password?

Initially, the username password is sent by the school on registered mobile number. If you have lost that, then
Parents can contact the school for new username password.
School staff can contact school admin for new username password.

Can I import my existing data into Schoollog?

Well, you can. There will be no problem at all.

Do I need to pay extra if new features are added to my schoollog?

No. We will not charge our existing customers for solution upgrade

Is the Student Information kept over the years?

Yes, and it is easily accessible. You can see the history of a student from the moment they join till they leave.

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