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100 Reasons Why!

We give you 100 reasons why Schoollog is India's most advanced automation solution catering all the needs of an educational institute.

Every day a new school management software is launching the market. Are these all same? Are these all the right fit for your school? Let us help you find the right one for your school.

  • 1. AI-powered Schoollog is India's first AI-Powered ERP and LMS solution for schools.
  • 2. All in one solution Schoollog is designed in a way to cover all the problems related to school management and provide the best solution.
  • 3. Affordable Schoollog offers a big range of various affordable pricing plans suitable for all kinds of schools.
  • 4. User-friendly Schoollog Apps and modules are super easy to use and work with.
  • 5. Mobile Applications Schoollog offers apps for parents as well as all the major stakeholders at school to make information available at fingertips.
  • 6. Web-based portals There are 50+ role-based web portals available for all the stakeholders at school.
  • 7. 24*7 support Our team is all day and night ready to help you.
  • 8. No hardware dependency Since Schoollog is completely online no particular device is required to access data. One can log in via a web browser on any device and access all the data.
  • 9. Paperless As Schoollog is cloud-based School doesn't need to maintain any registers or paper logs to maintain any kind of data.
  • 10. Time-savings Schoollog helps schools in automating their day to day repetitive tasks and saves a major amount of time making schools more productive.
  • 11. Secure All the data is Secured using Advanced Encryption and Portals are HTTPS Certified
  • 12. Data-backup Data recovery is Seamless and Hassel free with our data backups
  • 13. SMS Integration Send alerts via SMS to parents and teachers.
  • 14. SaaS-enabled Schoollog is a Software as a Service
  • 15. AI-powered analysis Schoollog portals provide the student's test analysis report to enhance his/her learning curve.
  • 16. Performance tracking Schools can extract Student's as well as teacher's performance reports from time to time and revise their teaching patterns.
  • 17. Hardware compatible Schoollog portals can be logged in on any device having an internet connection.
  • 18. Automated attendance With the help of Biometric integration Student and teacher attendance is automated. Real-time attendance updates are sent to parents and teachers automatically.
  • 19. Digital diary Homework updates sent to parents on the app.
  • 20. School Gallery School can add pictures and videos of events that will be shown in all the apps.
  • 21. Instant alerts All the important alerts can be sent to parents and teachers via in-app notifications.
  • 22. Data management Data can be uploaded to the schoollog software with any difficulty, similarily it is very easy to export data from any module.
  • 23. Custom reports More than 1000 customizable insightful reports can be generated on a click.
  • 24. Leave management Manage leaves of teachers and students, automate leave requests, track staff's leaves and automatically generate salaries.
  • 25. Fee management No need to use extra accounts software to manage your fees, manage all your fee transactions with zero error possibility with Schoollog Accounts.
  • 26. Custom URL website School's website hosted by Schoollog on the custom URL chose by the school.
  • 27. Certificate generation Schoollog allows the school to generate certificates like Transfer certificate, migration certificate, etc
  • 28. Hassle-free report card generation Schoollog allows the school to generate report cards on a click with templates of all the boards.
  • 29. Transport management A simple tool to help you manage your school transports effortlessly.
  • 30. Hostel management It allows you to allocate different rooms and beds to different students and manage all the necessary details of the schools' hostel.
  • 31. Biometric Integration Gives your school an extra edge with smart attendance management.
  • 32. Expense management Easy and manageable tool to manage the daily expenses of the school.
  • 33. Inventory management An easy to use stock management system for your school assisting you with supervising and assuring of the ordering, storage, and use of components.
  • 34. HR and Payroll management Manage staff effectively and with the integration of payment gateways and bank account details of the entire staff, salaries can be credited promptly.
  • 35. OTP authentication login Login with two-step authentication with OTP.
  • 36. Enquiry management Schoollog help school manage enquiries via reception portal and reduces admission hussle.
  • 37. Library management A simple and powerful solution to automate your school libraries.
  • 38. Website integration Get a website management console and manage your website on your own efficiently.
  • 39. Technical assistance A dedicated support team working tirelessly to resolve any queries you may have regarding any module in our product.
  • 40. On-site training No extra cost for on-site training provided to get you fully ready to use Schoollog.
  • 41. Exam management Structure your exam and just 10 mins and get your report cards printed in just a click.
  • 42. Admit card generator Save your valuable time by generating admit cards for every exam with Schoollog exam manager.
  • 43. Day-wise absent report Get an easily manageable customized staff and students absentees reports. No more hustle in tracking absent students.
  • 44. SMS usage report Get a consolidated report of all the SMS used sent by the school with all the details.
  • 45. Director approval for fine and concession No worry of any fine or concession applied on students without acknowledgement of the higher authorities of the school.
  • 46. Digital leave application Students and staff can apply for leave with the app only and the school administration can approve, decline and keep track of all the applications.
  • 47. School annual calendar School can update the annual calendar within the parent app and the parents will stay updated for all the events and holidays in advance.
  • 48. Data update via excel Allows you to update your student and staff data with your existing excels in just a few minutes.
  • 49. Real-time attendance alert to parents We maintain parents' peace of mind by keeping them updated with their child's real-time attendance status.
  • 50. Teacher performance report We help you track your teachers' performance with a single click.
  • 51. Automatic birthday notifications Hard to remember all your staff's and student's birthdays? No more worries now! On your behalf, we make sure they get wished on their birthdays.
  • 52. Academic year login facility Access your data from whichever academic session you want to, whenever you want to.
  • 53. Enquiry follow-up reminders Never miss any admission enquiry with schoollog enquiry manager, convert all your potential leads.
  • 54. Automatic messages to enquires Don't want to lose touch with your admission enquires? We have got you covered! All the admission enquires will be notified timely with automatic messages.
  • 55. Balance sheet Get a close watch on every financial transaction by generating your balance sheet in a go!
  • 56. Manage vouchers and challansSchoollog ERP enables you to Manage vouchers and challans for academic rewards or concessions
  • 57. Manage multiple companies Schoollog allows schools to manage multiple companies with single accounts portal.
  • 58. Cheque handlingSchoollog payroll system allows you to manage and handle payments via cheques
  • 59. Automatic fine handlingFine management system for handling fines
  • 60. Collection reports Provides daily fee collection reports to the director on his phone.
  • 61. Auto ledgerAutomatically generated ledger reports for Accounts / Collections / Incomes etc
  • 62. Multilingual SMS Send notifications to parents via SMS in English as well as Hindi.
  • 63. Fee due reminders Parents are kept updated via in-app fee due notification to get schools fee collection done on time.
  • 64. Birthday list Get the list of birthdays of staff and students in a single place.
  • 65. Refund report Print daily,monthly log of refunds given to students.
  • 66. Grade conversion Get the marks converted into grades automatically, without any extra effort.
  • 67. Gate pass Promise every student's security by managing school visitors via schoollog gate pass.
  • 68. GST fee handling School can sell all Inventory related items with GST handling
  • 69. Share photos and videos School director, Admin, Class teachers can share the school event's pictures and videos with parents via the app.
  • 70. Payment gateway Parents can pay Stutent's fee via multiple online payment gateways.
  • 71. Data export Exporting any kind of data whenever you need, is now a matter of few minutes.
  • 72. Easy data import Data from any other software can be easily imported to schoollog without any hustle.
  • 73. All board exam templates CBSE, State board Schools can easily manage exam with Schoollog.
  • 74. All board report card templates Schoollog comes with all State Boards, CBSE ready report card templates.
  • 75. Test-wise analysis Parent/Teacher can view testowise Analysis and Report.
  • 76. Defaulter follow-up mechanism Defaulter follow-up mechanism helps Schools pace-up fee collection.
  • 77. No hardware dependency one can log in and access any schoollog portal to any system connected to the internet from anywhere.
  • 78. Custom domain for your website Get a website with a domain of your wish.
  • 79. Custom App for Android/iOS Schools can get a Custom App for their Schools for better branding and Customized experience of the product
  • 80. New session promotion Schools can manage multi session record easily.
  • 81. Role-based logins Allows different users to log in separately to maintain data privacy among different users.
  • 82. Timely updates Every month new features are added to all the Schoollog portals.
  • 83. Paytm integration No need to rush to school to pay fees, parents can pay students fee via Paytm. Helps schools in pacing up fee collection.
  • 84. 1000+ exportable reports Export every kind of report related to administration, accounts or admissions enquiry in a go.
  • 85. Print-ready reports Reports are hand-crafted keeping in view all the necessory government Compliances.
  • 86. Hardware Compatibility Schoollog is compatible with both laser printers and dot matrix printers enabling school to use your existing print technology effortlessly.
  • 87. Mode Of Payment Schoollog offers different modes of payment to parents like payment through cash, cheque, challan, debit card, credit card and net banking.
  • 88. Technology aided Schooling Schools can easily empower there Communication, Academics, Management through technology via Schoollog.
  • 89. Multi-School Solution Schoollog is designed in a way that you can handle all the branches and groups of an institution with a single super-admin portal.
  • 90. Fee Receipts Allows to create fees receipts to print or share digitally with parents.
  • 91. Secure Password Management Easily recover lost passwords or simply change your passwords from time to time for complete security.
  • 92. Multiple Boards of Education Schoollog best suits for schools affiliated to multiple boards of education, such as CBSE, ICSE and all the other state boards.
  • 93. Improves Productivity with the help of Schoollog schools can cut-down there time spent in Management by 30%.
  • 94. Reliable Schoollog is loved by more than 1 lac students, parents, and schools, making it the most trusted ERP for schools.
  • 95. Online Help One can learn using Schoollog at any time, from anywhere with the help of Schoollog tutorial videos.
  • 96. Apps for all Schoollog apps are available on Google play store as well as Appstore.
  • 97. 1 lac+ teachers and parents Schoollog is used by more than 1 lac teachers and parents across India.
  • 98. Presence in 4 states Schoollog has been successfully catering to the best schools in states like Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar pradesh and Assam.
  • 99. An initiative by IITians Schoollog is an initiative by the alumni of IIT Ropar striving to improve the learning curve of every child.
  • 100. Established since 2015 Schoollog has been successfully catering to more than 1000 schools.
100 reasons Why!

We have given you 100 reasons to love us, give us 1 chance to help your school.

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